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Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved 

- Phil Harding

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QAHE™  - Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Improvement Solutions based on Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

QUANTUM-ION™  - Nano Resonance Platinum & Negative Ion Treatment

QUANTUM-ION™ - Generator Patch

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  •  QAHE™-AHU: for AHU applications
  •  QAHE™-CHILLER: for Chiller applications
  •  QAHE™-DX: for small air-condition units
  •  QAHE™-CP: for Compressor applications
  •  QAHE™-EX: for Pumps and Fans
  •  QAHE™-MX: for Lifts and Elevators


  •  QUANTOM-ION™: Generator Patch

About Us

Life3 Pte Ltd is an energy efficiency and environmental technology company. We proceed ourselves as a frontier in manufacturing and marketing Quantum Fusion Resonance Nano Platinum, Negative Ion and Nano Silver Technology and focusing on our goal that are ecological responsive as to the society and environment we live in. In views of environmental pollution is enlarging rapidly, what is the solution to stop it and the challenges ahead of us in terms of our social behavior to attempt for purifying our environment? We will contribute our technology know-how and the environmental friendly solution Nano Platinum, Negative Ion and Nano Silver in return to remove environmental contaminants so that we can preserve our environments clean. Our goal is to keep the air we breathe, surface we touch and water we drink clean and we will try our best to realize our ideal for human health and keep natural surrounding a better environment.


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